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Trimax SM-800 Rapid Satellite meter
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Trimax SM-800 Rapid Satellite meter

Wholesale price: [ $205.00 ]

Trimax SM-800 Rapid Satellite meter

SM-800 Rapid meter is based on patented technology

developed by an entry-level products,For the antenna

installation and adjustment.and with low price ,good

quality durable benefits.

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Trimax SM-800 Rapid Satellite meter Specifications:

SM-800 can automatically calculate the azimuth 、elevation angle、polarization angleof satellite antenna, you could adjustment of the built-in satellite parameters through the voice of alarm, signal, the signal strength and carrier to noise ratio, etc. to remind the user to quickly complete the accurate positioning of the antenna.

SM-800 show up the clear font , brilliant appearance of the interface ,simple but useful manual ,it is most convenient product to grasp.

SM-800 is built-in the satellite parameter which come from Asia/Europe/Mid-East and America .The consumer could Delete /Modify or Add the parameter via the Date Wire and specified programme , Human-Computer Dialogue is a plus fashion.

SM-800S exceed the limitation that only can display character on the similar production ,3.5” highly precise LCD lead to watch the FTA TV programme immediately which it monitor or detect by the demodulator ,as a convenient satellite validated tool, the technical index has surpassed the mid range Digital Satellite Searcher.

The R&D teamer of RM-800S optimized the electrocircuit ,eliminate redundant code due to capture signal more faster and effective, it is the most suitable Digital Satellite Searcher for satellite players and engineering technical personnel.

Technical Specification :

  • Input Frequency
  • Frequency Range: 950~2150MHz
  • Signal Measurement
  • Signal Field Range -65dBm ~ -25dBm
  • Input Impedance: 75O
  • Symbol rate range acceptability : 2Msps ~ 45Msps


  • Figuration Dimension: 250×120×50(mm)
  • Net Weight : 0.4Kg
  • Gross Weight Include Package : 1.2Kg
  • Work Temperature: -10? ~ +40?
  • Screen :3.5" Highly Precise LCD
  • Audio Output: Inner Loudspeake
  • USB Port: Standard
  • 22KHz Switch: Support
  • DisEqC1.0: Suppor
  • Power Supply
  • LNB Power Supply: 'H' +18V,=500mA;'V' +13V,=500mA
  • DC Power Supply
  • Power Adapter Input: AC110V/60Hz/220V/50Hz±10%
  • Power Adapter Output: 10.4VDC 1000mA
  • Battery Charging Time: First time 5 hours change ,less than 3 hours next time.

    Attached Accessories:

    • AC Power Adapter : 1 pc
    • Instruction (Include Warranty Card) 1
    • F Quick Connector 1
    • Optional Accessories
    • Specified USB Date Wire
    • Automobile Quick Charge
    • Specified Backpack (Protective Kit + Pack Strip)
    • LCD Protective Film
    • Compass

    Trimax SM-800 Rapid Satellite meter wholesale price please contact us , we will give you at the best price!

    Why buy Trimax SM800 Meters?
    For the first time in a economical digital meter, you are able to view the actual channel on the screen of the meter. Now you can quickly and accurately align the satellite AND you can instantly check the stability of the channel right on the screen of the meter.

    Transponders, Frequency, Symbol Rate, Polarity, and other settings can be modified by the user. There is never a need to send your meter in for a upgrade. 

    Meter never needs to be returned for re-calibration due to the unique calibration system built in to the meter. Each time the meter boots up it automatically calibrates for optimum performance so you can align each install with confidence.

    Trimax is a Digital Meter.....
      Unlike most meters that use analog metering, Trimax uses the same digital metering and picture presentation that your FTA receiver uses.  Analog meters align to the peak of the signal.  Only true digital meters can give you accurate alignment on digital signals.  
    No guess work here. 
    Color screen.....
    The color screen can play the FTA channels so you can confirm the stability of the channel.  You can check the picture for tiling or other problems before you show it to the customer.
    Ease of operation .....
    Operates very much like a FTA receiver.  Most installers can operate the meter without looking at the manual.  
    Works with all known LNB/Fs.....
    Unlike some other meters that cannot handle the newer higher gain LNBFs, Trimax Meters works on all LNB/Fs.
    Simple keypad entry of information.....
    All the needed parameters can be entered directly from the keypad.
    Accepts any LO frequency.....
    All the popular LO frequencies are pre-loaded in the meter.  You only need to select the one you want.  Have a odd LO frequency?  You can enter any LO frequency directly from the keypad.
    Has several metering features.....
    Trimax meters include several visual aids to help you align each dish perfectly.  Numeric metering, progress bar style meter, BER meter, and more PLUS switchable audio tone.
    Editing software allows you to upload/download your satellite list.....
    You can move your current satellite list from your meter to your PC, edit it and load it back to your meter with the new information.  Got a job that calls for a different satellite?  Quickly and easily modify your satellite list to include the information.
    Editing software allows you to built your own satellite list.....
    Now you can build your own satellite lists.  Add satellites, delete satellites, add frequencies, polarity, symbol rate and more.
    Automatic calibration on boot up.....
    Each time the meter boots up it automatically calibrates for optimum performance so you can align each install with confidence.  Meter never needs to be returned for re-calibration due to the unique calibration system built in to the meter.
    Free Software Upgrades.....
    Trimax meters can be upgraded as new features and better functionality becomes available.
    and the list goes on.....
    You will soon realize that Trimax packs more features in their meter than any other meter manufacture, and at a lower price.  As the original SM-1100 evolved into the now famous SM-2200, installers quickly found that the SM-2200 was well worth the price.  Allowing for the most accurate alignment available.  You get the most advanced meter on the market at the most cost effective price.  Get yours today and find out how quickly you can do installs.  The faster the install, the more money you can make.